Plat Conversion Program


The Pasco County Property Appraiser’s parcel layer has included horizontal inaccuracies that can be over 200 feet in some areas. These inaccuracies do not appear to affect the Property Appraiser; however, the inaccuracies do impact all users of the county’s Geographic Information System (GIS) data, including the information in Pasco Mapper.

With the introduction of Digital Flood Insurance Rate Maps, this situation became a significant problem. To address this issue, it was necessary to take the existing plats and accurately place them into a new GIS parcel layer.

Plat Conversion Program: Green areas were mapped by the Property Appraiser

Plat Conversion Program Map

In some areas, new electronic plats are available, which make this conversion very simple. In other areas, there are old paper plats, unrecorded plats, and unplatted developments which are very difficult to convert.

A requirement of Pasco County’s National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System permit is to report on our drainage assets and their maintenance. The completed Plat Conversion Program will facilitate the accurate capture and identification of all of the county’s stormwater infrastructure as well as drainage, utility and other easements.

Stormwater Easement Example

Pasco View GIS Stormwater Easement Example

Funding Sources for the Plat Conversion Program

  • Cooperative funding agreements between Pasco County and South Florida Water Management District
  • Pasco County property appraiser
  • Pasco County stormwater utility