Stormwater Infrastructure Inventory & Condition Assessment

Infrastructure Inventory

Beginning in 2008, the NPDES Permit required the identification, location and assessment of every stormwater structure that is owned, maintained or operated by the county. The majority of this work is limited to county-maintained roadways but it also sometimes extends to drainage infrastructure owned or operated by homeowners' associations as well as private entities. There are two major tasks involved in the project:

1. Global Positioning System (GPS) Field Data Collection: GPS crews locate and input data about all types of stormwater structures using the County’s Enterprise Collection System. Structure data is collected for drainage swales, ditches/channels, drop structures, storm drainage pipes, catch basins, weirs, control structures, ponds and canals, including elevations and other dimensions.

Inventory Program

2. Geographic Information System (GIS) Importation and Manipulation: Field data is imported into the county’s enterprise system which includes a four-step, quality control process and is posted to a geographic database.

A Infrastructure Inventory Location Map (PDF) shows that nearly 70 percent of know stormwater assets have been collected countywide.