Inventory & Condition Assessment


Inventory and condition assessment data are used to implement a preventative maintenance program (planning, prioritization, and scheduling) and budgetary requirements for public infrastructure assets. 

The collection and updating of infrastructure data is limited to County maintained rights-of-way and County accepted easements and parcels. 

The infrastructure data is stored and maintained in the Department's Work and Asset Management System (WAMS). The WAMS consists of an Integrated Work Management System, Asset Management System, Pavement Management System, and Geographic Information System (GIS). Infrastructure asset management is the combination of management, economic, engineering and life cycle maintenance.

There are three major tasks involved in the process:

1. Global Positioning System (GPS) Field Collection

An inspector surveys a storm drain.

Public Works Inspectors locate and populate data regarding all types of stormwater and right-of-way structures. This is accomplished by utilizing industry standard data collectors and software. Stormwater data is collected for drainage swales, ditches/channels, drop structures, storm drainage pipes, catch basins, weirs, control structures, ponds and canals. including elevations and other dimensions. Right-of-way data is collected for bike lanes, bridges, curbs, guardrails, handrails, markings, medians, roads, sidewalks, sidewalk ramps, shoulders, signs and sign support.

2. Geographic Information System (GIS)

The GIS staff appends the newly collected assets into the county’s stormwater and right-of-way geographic databases. Each asset and assessment go through a multi-step quality control process (asset attribution verification, asset assessment review, photo confirmation, etc.). 

3. Review & Quality Assurance

The asset management team works together to ensure stormwater and right-of-way structure information is accurate and reliable. GIS staff is actively reviewing and updating existing structural data, condition assessments and performing analysis. In addition to the collection of new assets, Public Works inspectors are actively performing functional and structural assessments on our stormwater and right-of-way assets.

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