Program Management


Program Management consists of the planning associated with the county’s stormwater assets. Also included under Program Management is a Floodplain Management Program, Stormwater Utility Fee Assessment Program, program administration, watershed studies (PDF) and drainage model review. Watershed studies are conducted with the Southwest Florida Water Management District. These studies are used to develop Digital Flood Insurance Rate Maps and identifying Best Management Practices for flood prone areas.

In addition to these responsibilities, Program Management includes the supervision of county contractors who do conceptual drainage designs and specific flood abatement studies. These contractors make recommendations on how the county can solve drainage problems including capital costs of the abatement work.

Contractors are selected based on their response to published Requests of Statements of Qualifications. The contracts are legal agreements between the Board of County Commissioners (BCC) and the consultant or professional. Stormwater Management provides contract management for each project.

After selecting a suitable candidate to address the county’s needs, a formal procedure must be followed to request approval by the BCC so that funding can be approved for the project. The official process requires staff preparation of a BCC Agenda Memo that is typically associated with what is known as a Task Order.

Task Orders

A Task Order is a written legal agreement between the BCC and a consultant or professional. Included in a Task Order are a Scope of Work, BCC Agenda Memorandum and Schedule of Fees.


  • Cityworks application
  • Computerized Maintenance Management System program implementation