Pithlachascotee-Anclote Conservation Effort

The Pithlachascotee-Anclote Conservation Effort (PACE) is a cooperatively funded watershed analysis between Pasco County and Southwest Florida Water Management District (SWFWMD).

The PACE study area is comprised of three watersheds: Pithlachascotee, Anclote East of Suncoast and Anclote West. Watershed models for the Pithlachascotee and Anclote East of Suncoast are completed and the Anclote West watershed model is being developed under the PACE project. Once the Anclote West model is assembled, it will be joined with the Pithlachascotee and Anclote East of Suncoast models to provide a single model for the entire PACE study area. This combined PACE model will then be used to evaluate various Best Management Practice (BMP) alternatives including diversion of excess flows from the rivers onto SWFWMD property in the area.

PACE Study Area Map (PDF)

On August 17, 2015, a Draft of the Anclote (West) Watershed Evaluation (PDF) was submitted to the SWFWMD for review.

On January 10, 2017, the Floodplain Justification Report (PDF) along with the most up to date model of the watershed was submitted to the Southwest Florida Water Management District.

The next step will be arranging for Open Houses to obtain public input on the Preliminary Floodplain Analysis.

The project plan and latest schedule can be viewed here (PDF).