Port Richey Watershed

The Port Richey Watershed includes many neighborhoods including: Magnolia Valley, Suncoast Gateway, Holiday Hill, and others.

View a map of the watershed: Port Richey Map (PDF)

The Port Richey Watershed is located in western Pasco County between the Pithlachascotee River and Double Hammock Creek drainage basins. The watershed encompasses a total drainage area of approximately 5.9 square miles and is bounded on the east by Little Road, the south by Massachusetts Avenue, and the north by Fox Hollow Drive.

Orchid Lake is the only named water body within the watershed, and is located in the northeastern portion of the watershed about a quarter mile west of Little Road. There are other small lakes and ponds throughout the area, however, these water features are small in size compared to the three large wetland areas located in the west central portion of the watershed.

On Tuesday, September 1, 2015, a Watershed Meeting was held in response to recent flooding. The video, presentation and maps are available by selecting the following links: