Human Trafficking

Pasco County Commission on Human Trafficking News Conference 01.05.2018

Human Trafficking News Conference
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Press Release

Human Trafficking typically exploits Individuals for commercial sex or forced labor while subjecting victims to force, fraud and coercion. To order a sign to post. In June 2015, the state enacted a new statute (Section 787.29 Fla. Stat.) that requires businesses and locations throughout Florida to display public awareness signage to inform the public about human trafficking and resources for assistance.

The new law also authorizes counties to adopt ordinances to enforce the public awareness requirements.

Required Signage Information:

The Pasco Ordinance 16-34(PDF) requires public awareness signs to be displayed at the following establishments in a conspicuous location visible to the public and employees, to alert employees and the public about the existence, remedies and protections related to human trafficking. It authorizes the County to enforce the signage requirements and is in effect starting December 1, 2016.

  • Adult entertainment establishments
  • Any business or establishment that offers massage or bodywork services for compensation that is not owned by a health care professional regulated pursuant to Chapter 456, Fla. Stat. and defined in Section 456.001, Fla. Stat..
  • Any business or establishment operating as a specialty salon performing nail services