Road & Bridge 


To maintain a safe, quality transportation infrastructure for the citizens who live, work and travel through Pasco County.

Road Maintenance Program

The county’s Infrastructure Management System maintains an alphabetical listing of all roads and bridges in Pasco County. The database associated with this system is maintained by the Public Works Department. 

The maintenance jurisdiction over roads is categorized as: 

  • A: Pasco County maintained
  • B: Privately maintained with no government jurisdiction
  • C: City maintained
  • D: Florida Department of Transportation maintained
  • F: Independent Taxing District maintained
  • H: Homeowners Association maintained (mobile home park, condos/apartments,

Only roads that have been accepted into the county’s Road Maintenance Program are maintained by the Department of Public Works. Such roads carry a maintenance jurisdiction of “A,” as noted above, and consist of over 3,600 lane miles, countywide. This maintenance is funded under the Program Maintenance portion of the county’s budget and includes grading, shoulder maintenance, patching/paving, crack seal, bridge maintenance, median enhancement, traffic sign installation/replacement, in-house road striping, tree work, spraying, and landscaping.

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Roadside maintenance factors that affect scheduling

swale maintenance

Scheduling road maintenance work such as pothole repair or pavement patching, crack sealing, shoulder maintenance or median enhancement can all be adversely impacted by weather, materials (sod/asphalt), availability, equipment downtime, and emergency operations priorities.