Food Policy Advisory Council


The Food Policy Advisory Council (“FPAC”) was established by the Board of County Commissioners on May 19, 2015 for the purpose of supporting an equitable, resilient, local food system in the County and to facilitate the review of responsible policies that improve the access to culturally appropriate, nutritionally sound and affordable food produced in the County. It will provide credible, well-conceived community food policy advice that can dramatically reduce instances of chronic disease and obesity, preserve agricultural lands, promote agricultural uses throughout the County, and assist in the development of new businesses in the food system sector.


The FPAC is composed of up to nine (9) members appointed by the Board of County Commissioners and be comprised of:

  1. A farmer residing and farming in Pasco County;
  2. A health care professional employed by the Pasco County Department of Health;
  3. A food/nutrition professional employed by the District School Board of Pasco;
  4. An academic professional specializing in cultural studies/ecology employed by a local university or higher education institution;
  5. A local representative from an established farmer’s market;
  6. An attorney practicing in Pasco County with experience in food systems;
  7. A representative from a not-for-profit organization within the food system sector operating in Pasco County;8. A professional employed by the University of Florida’s Institute of Food/Agriculture
  8. Science (“IFAS”) program working in Pasco County’s Cooperative Extension Program; and
  9. A representative from a grocer/distributor industry.


Membership on the FPAC shall be for a term of two (2) years.


FPAC shall meet at a minimum quarterly or more frequently as agreed upon by a majority vote of the members. A Pasco County Planning/Development staff member shall provide support based on his/her availability.

FPAC Webpage:

Visit the Pasco County Food Policy Advisory Council Webpage for more information.