Pasco County Market Areas

(West Market Area)

The Harbors - West Market Area Redevelopment

The Harbors includes the coastal and inland areas along U.S. 19 and Little Road corridors from the North County Line to the South County Line. (See Comprehensive Plan Map 2-17.) It is part of the County's Urban Service Area.

Award Winning Plan - 2014

One Bay Award
The Charles A. McIntosh, Jr. Award of Distinction


(East Market Area)

The East Market Area comprises the eastern portion of the County, running north/south along US 301. (See Comprehensive Plan Map 2-20 (PDF).) This Area is envisioned as an area that preserves a small-town lifestyle with a sustainable development pattern, protecting its natural resources. It encompasses the cities of Dade City and Zephyrhills, with conservation lands on the edge, creating a rural to suburban character.



  • Trilby/Lacoochee Strategic PlanMarket Areas East

Gateway Crossing
(South Market Area)

Gateway Crossings runs primarily east/west along SR 54/56 and incorporates properties running north/south along the Suncoast Parkway and Interstate 75. (See Comprehensive Plan Map 2-18 (PDF).) It has a distinct and dual role as a gateway to and from Pasco County. The South Market Area is part of the County's Urban Service Area.


(Central Market Area) 

The Central Market Area comprises the central portions of the County (although it is interrupted by the South Market Area as it runs north/south along portions of the Suncoast Parkway and I-75). (See Comprehensive Map 2-19 (PDF).) This Market Area is primarily categorized as supporting suburban development. The Villages of Pasadena Hills are located within the Central Market Area.


(North Market Area)

The North Market Area (See Comprehensive Plan Map 2-21 (PDF)) is a predominantly rural area, with agricultural lands and natural resources. The Comprehensive Plan calls for development patterns that concentrate in clusters or nodes with a balance of mutually supportive uses.

Market Areas North