Speculative Shell Building Program

What It Is. Why It Works.

Pasco County receives inquiries for buildings that offer a lot of square footage on a regular basis. However, most businesses would like to put their finishing touches on the layout and space.  

One way of making Pasco County more competitive, is to provide financial assistance to private developers or land owners to construct a building, but leave it unfinished.  This way, during the site selection process, companies needing a customized space will have "shell" building options for their business. 

Speed to market is often the determining factor for a company to invest in a particular location.  Shell buildings decrease the amount of time it will take for a business to move in and begin full operations from their new site.  When building new, it may be a year or longer before the business can even move in. 

A speculative shell building is a structure without a tenant or buyer and serves the purpose of attracting an employer or end user.  The end user will then request the building completion that best suites their business needs (for example: open offices, manufacturing, processing, or warehousing of a product line).

Having available space, a strong marketing effort and an array of economic development incentives,  allows Pasco to capitalize on our important resources and maintain a competitive business and development edge.

Our Speculative Shell Building Program was developed with the Jobs and Economic Opportunities Trust Fund.  Now Pasco has a program to partner with private land owners, developers, and businesses to create and market our available space. 

Would you like to build a Spec Space?

To apply for this program and funding, please review our Office of Economic Growth policy and application:
Application Material (PDF)

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