Unlicensed Contracting Investigations

Be Aware of Unlicensed Activity

There are many concerns with the use of unlicensed contractors which ultimately affect you, the consumer. Hiring an unlicensed contractor is a choice made by you, therefore you are held accountable for all outcomes associated with the contractor’s work. Using an unlicensed contractor often leads to unsafe and hazardous construction and additional costs.

BEWARE of UNLICENSED CONTRACTORS! See how to protect yourself from becoming a victim in this video.

Do you need to look up a contractor?

The use of an unlicensed contractor may yield the following problems:

  • Poor qualifications. Unlicensed individuals have not demonstrated the education, insurance, or qualification required of a licensed contractor. This can leave you with poor quality work or unfinished projects, which means you could spend more money hiring another contractor to repair or finish the project.
  • Possible criminal background. Unlicensed individuals often have criminal backgrounds, to include: fraud, theft, violent crimes, sexual offenses, and substance abuse.
  • Likelihood of being the victim of a scam. Unlicensed individuals often disappear after taking your money, leaving you with very few options to help you get your money back or your work completed.
  • No coverage under homeowner’s policy. Most homeowner policies require that work must be done by a licensed contractor and provide no coverage for work that is not.
  • Noncompliance with building codes. Most projects, even small ones, require permits and inspections that unlicensed contractors ignore or are unfamiliar with. If your project isn’t permitted or doesn’t comply with the building code, you may have to remove or repair the work at your own expense and be subject to fines.

Protecting Yourself

  • Licensed: You can verify a State of Florida Licensed Contractor at www.MyFloridaLicense.com. Ask your contractor for a license number. Always verify the license number!
  • Tested: Licensed professionals have proven abilities through testing and certification.
  • Trusted: Licensed professionals are required to have proper insurance and liability coverage that Protects you! Ask your contractor about it!


Report Unlicensed Activity

Pasco County Sheriff’s Office
7432 Little Road
New Port Richey, FL 34654
Phone: 727-847-5878

Pasco County Building Dept.
8731 Citizens Drive
Suite 230
New Port Richey, FL 34654
Phone: 727-847-8009 ext. 2692

Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation
Phone: 866-532-1440