Welcome to Pasco County’s Surveying and Mapping Division

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What does Survey and Mapping do?

We proudly provide surveying and mapping services for the Engineering Services Department, Capital Improvement Projects (CIP), transportation infrastructure design projects, utilities projects, drainage studies and more.

Field collected surveying data is often required for the design of roads, utility projects, drainage studies, Boundary Surveys, Jurisdictional Surveys, and any unique project situations that arise within the County. After the data collection, the staff works to process, analyze and synthesize the data in such a way that it can be read and understood by the project stakeholders and the general public.

Our crew will stake or otherwise mark properties for public projects, condemnation, court proceedings, right of way, appraisal, and other special projects. 

We provide review, comment, and oversight on:

  • Consultant submitted survey and mapping information
  • Subdivision plat development projects
  • Drawings or sketches related to land boundaries
  • County acquired property descriptions and closing documentation
  • Right-of-Way (ROW) maps and boundaries

Have you ever wondered what this area used to look like?

Our division is currently responsible for historic aerials and other land related, time lapse information.  If this information may be beneficial to you, please contact us!

County Surveyor, Alex W. Parnes, PSM

County Surveyor, Alex W. Parnes, PSM

Our Vision

Provide all professional Surveying and Mapping services, work, and support to Pasco County, the County Engineer, all Pasco county employees and Departments, and the Engineering Services Dept. to help developing Pasco as a premier county through best transportation practices and infrastructure.

Mission Statement

Continue to work with Engineers, Surveyors, Developers, all Pasco County employees, and all residents of Pasco County to provide excellence in all Professional Surveying and Mapping Services in an efficient, professional, and timely manner supporting Pasco County, the County Engineer, and the Engineering Services Dept.

Strategic Plan Alignment:

Focus Area: Create a Thriving Community.

Strategic Goals

  • Support the County Engineer and Engineering Services to improve transportation options and reduce congestion through innovation and excellence.
  • Support the County Engineer and Engineering Services to enhance multi-modal transportation and community streetscapes.
  • Support the County Engineer and Engineering Services to provide safe and efficient transportation systems in Pasco County.

Strategies to Achieve the Goals

  • Support the County Engineer and Engineering Services to Implement FY18-FY22 Transportation Capital Plan.
  • Support the County Engineer and Engineering Services to Design the highest standard roadways that promote vehicle and pedestrian/bicycle safety, improve circulation, and maximize customer satisfaction.
  • Implement cutting edge technology to improve visibility, roadway signage, and optimize signal timing (ATMS).

NOTE: The Survey Division is not a receptacle for private surveying private residence boundary and improvement or private topographical surveys. We do not provide private surveying services

Our Values

  • Respect - Treating our customers and co-workers with courtesy, consideration and appreciation at all times, under all circumstances.
  • Integrity - A workplace in which the highest standards of ethics and honesty are adhered to at all times and without exception. Doing the right thing even when no one is watching.
  • Innovation - An atmosphere where new and creative ideas are supported and encouraged by management and staff. An environment where employees are empowered to creatively solve problems and deliver excellent public service.
  • Service Excellence - A commitment to providing our customers with the highest caliber of service in all areas of County government.
  • Quality - A work product that fulfills the needs of our customers and consistently meets the highest standards of workmanship, efficiency and effectiveness.