Mobility Fee Update Advisory Committee


On July 12, 2011, the Board of County Commissioners (“BCC”) adopted Ordinance No. 11-08 creating a Mobility Fee system to replace transportation concurrency and associated transportation impact fees in Pasco County. The ordinance requires an update and re-evaluation of the Mobility Fee Study every three years and the Mobility Fee Update Advisory Committee (MFUAC) was established by the BCC on February 25, 2014 for that purpose. The primary duties of the MFUAC shall be to advise the BCC on all matters pertaining to the 2014 Mobility Fee Update.


The MFUAC is composed of up to thirteen (13) members representing the following general categories:

  1. Two (2) citizen representatives.
  2. One (1) Board of Realtors representatives.
  3. One (1) Engineering/Planning Professional.
  4. Two (2) land owner/developer.
  5. One (1) land use attorneys.
  6. One (1) Urban Land Institute District Council member.
  7. One (1) transportation engineer professional.
  8. One (1) financial industry professional.
  9. One (1) building industry representative.
  10. One (1) Tampa Bay Builders Association member.
  11. One (1) Pasco Economic Development Council member.


Terms for members of the MFUAC appointed by the BCC shall run for a term of one (1) year and the BCC may appoint alternate members as necessary.


The MFUAC shall meet on an “as-needed” basis.