Direct Programs and Services

Financial Assistance Programs

Electric Assistance: EHEAP

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The Emergency Home Energy Assistance for the Elderly Program is administered by Florida’s Department of Elder Affairs and our local Area Agency on Aging of Pasco-Pinellas. This program is designed to assist low income families that include at least one member age 60 or older with a home energy emergency (past due or disconnected electric bill).

To apply, please call (727) 834-3297. Please keep in mind that an individual 60 years of older must reside in your household in order to apply for assistance through this program, which is available as long as there is sufficient funding.

An in-office interview is required to complete paperwork and obtain documentation of identities, income, residency, etc.

Healthcare: HCRA

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The Health Care Responsibility Act is a state-mandated program through which each Florida county is responsible for the payment of emergency out-of-county care for eligible low income residents. Eligibility criteria include income, asset and other case specific items. Applications for HCRA assistance are submitted to Human Services by the HCRA participating hospital administering treatment. *If you have received out of county emergency care and think you may be eligible for assistance, please contact your hospital directly to inquire about HCRA applications. We cannot accept applications directly from individual patients for this program.*

Indigent Cremation/Burial Services

Indigent Cremation/Burial Services are county-funded and may be available to assist eligible indigent families with the cost of cremation. Families will be screened for eligibility based on a number of criteria, including income. If you are interested in this service, please call our current cremation vendor, Michels and Lundquist, at (727) 845-1957 for a pre-screening. For unidentified or unclaimed remains, Pasco County Human Services will make reasonable attempts to locate family or acquaintances. In the unfortunate instances in which no family can be located, cremated remains are placed in an ossuary (not pictured) at Tucker Cemetery in east Pasco County, pictured in the following images.

Tucker Cemetery is located in Richland, FL in east Pasco.

Tucker Cemetery Sign

Land for Tucker Cemetery was donated to Pasco County for indigent burial.

Tucker Cemetery Plaque
Tucker Cemetery Right View

Other Available Services

ACCESS Assistance

Pasco residents seeking assistance applying for food stamps (SNAP), Medicaid, and/or cash assistance through the Florida Department of Children and Families (DCF) may call their nearest Human Services office to schedule an appointment for one on one help. Additionally, you can submit an application for assistance, manage your account, and view your case status online.

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Please note that Pasco County Human Services is a community partner for the Department of Children and Families and is not responsible for making determinations of eligibility for the food assistance program, cash assistance, Medicaid or other DCF programs. Additionally, Human Services does not have access to DCF records regarding your benefits.

Case Management

Pasco County Human Services is happy to assist citizens with a variety of activities which may not relate to our direct financial assistance programs. Case Management services include assistance with paperwork, forms, applications, etc. for social security, employment, and other common activities. Case Managers will work with you to help connect you to the most appropriate resources, and will review your situation with you to help you find solutions for your needs. You may request Case Management assistance by calling (727) 847-2411 and asking for Human Services.

Referrals & Resources

Our staff is more than happy to help you in finding the appropriate resources to assist with any questions or concerns you may have. Even if we cannot directly answer your question or solve the issue, we will make every effort to connect you with the appropriate resources and agencies within the community. View some of the other resources available in our area.