Cypress Creek Watershed

The Cypress Creek/South Lake Watershed is located in the central portion of Pasco County and covers approximately 130 square miles. It features the nearly 25-mile long Cypress Creek that originates in north-central Pasco County and flows southerly into the Big Cypress Swamp, which is northwest of the I-75/SR56 interchange. It extends north to Bellamy Brothers Blvd., which is south of SR 52. Cypress Creek flows southerly into Hillsborough County before discharging into the Hillsborough River at Lettuce Lake. The South Lakes portion of the watershed is located just east of US 41 in the vicinity of SR 54.

Cypress Creek Watershed Map

Cypress Creek/South Lake Watershed map

Pasco County has applied for Cooperative Funding from the Southwest Florida Water Management District to implement a multi-year Watershed Management Plan (WMP) update for the watershed, for Fiscal Year 2019. The Watershed Management Plan project will perform the following: 1) Watershed Evaluation and 2) Implement Watershed Management Plan elements of the District’s Watershed Program for the Cypress Creek Watershed. The objective is to update the existing WMP for the Cypress Creek/South Lakes Watershed, which was commenced in 2004 for the Southwest Florida Water Management District and Pasco County, and completed in May of 2011. The WMP update is needed to: account for land use changes and new development impacts in the watershed, reflect more accurate digital topographic data (LiDAR), as available, and incorporate the County’s current spatial infrastructure database for stormwater assets that are now available, which will help to more accurately reflect drainage features in the Watershed. The WMP update will also include updating the existing hydrologic and hydraulic model for the watershed, to reflect the aforementioned changes that have occurred since 2004, and include a Best Management Plan Alternatives Analysis for the Watershed that includes: updated floodplain model that updates previously identified BMP alternatives along with identification of additional new BMPs resulting from the updated floodplain modeling, to specifically address flood abatement in the watershed.