Pasco County Juvenile Firesetter Program

Program Information

The Pasco County Juvenile Firesetter Program is for children and their families that have been involved with fireplay or firesetting behaviors. The program is designed to educate the families on fire prevention, fire safety, and aid in breaking the chain of firesetting. For those that are referred through Juvenile Justice, this program is for first-time offenders only, ages 5-15.

Even though this program does not include children that are under the age of five, often preschool children are involved in fireplay. For those families, this program is recommended to the parents only for the purpose of educating them in fire safety practices and ways to eliminate access to matches and lighters for their children.

The program is strictly educational and is not meant to replace professional counseling. Parents are advised of agencies that can meet those needs during the classes.


To refer a child to our program, please complete the appropriate form and return it as directed on the form.