Fire Investigations

Fire Investigations

Pasco County Fire Rescue currently has two Arson Investigators that investigate suspicion fires, and 3 on Shift Fire Investigators that determine the origin and cause of fires in unincorporated Pasco County.

The Fire Marshal's Office uses the data collected from our inspections and our fire investigations to determine what educational programs are needed in the community to help prevent future fires and fire injuries.

Causes of Fires

In the state of Florida, 31% of all residential fires are cooking related fires. The next highest determined cause is incendiary or suspicious. Approximately 36% of residential fires are of an unknown cause. Similarly, almost 32% of residential fires originate outside or in an undetermined area and 27% originate in kitchen areas.

In the state of Florida:

  • One fire department responds every 22 seconds
  • One actual fire occurs every 8 minutes and 7 seconds
  • One structure fire occurs every 31 minutes and 5 seconds
  • One vehicle fire occurs every 52 minutes and 7 seconds
  • One outside/other fire occurs every 15 minutes and 8 seconds
  • One other emergency occurs every 1 minute and 3 seconds
  • One EMS/Rescue call occurs every 29 seconds
  • One false alarm occurs every 3 minutes and 8 seconds

Statistics from the 2011 Florida Fires Annual Report. Please view entire report (PDF).

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