The Harbors - West Market Area Redevelopment/Infill Plan

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We recently launched a Facebook page for the Harbors -
West Market Redevelopment Plan - 'Harborlife'. Come join us on Facebook and share your ideas, comments and suggestions on how we can together improve the West Market Area. We are also developing a comprehensive communication strategy to increase outreach for the redevelopment efforts. To read more about this please visit our Implementation Efforts page.

Beginning in 2010, Pasco's planning team worked with a diverse group of participants including residents, business owners, County and city officials, and regional government representatives to create a realistic plan that is reflective of the community's interests and aspirations. This document is the result of an extensive community visioning process. 

        The Harbors Redevelopment/Infill Plan 

The Plan was adopted by the Pasco County Board of County Commissioners on:

         June 25, 2013 (Tuesday)
        Location:  West Pasco Government Center Board Room, 1st Floor
        Address:   8731 Citizens Drive, New Port Richey, FL 34654

The presentation, handout and implementation priorities that were discussed at the Board Meeting on June 25th, 2013 are given below.

        The Harbors Board Meeting Presentation

        The Harbors Board Meeting Handout

        The Harbors Implementation Priorities

The West Market Area's redevelopment is an ongoing planning process. Having finished with the Plan and the initial planning process, now we will focus on the next planning phase which will include:
  • Implementation
  • Seeking Funds
  • Establishing partnerships and
  • District-level planning
We strongly encourage you to get involved, read about the Plan and ask questions. Your continued support is essential for the successful implementation of the Plan.

Get involved and let us know your comments!

Project Contact:

Smita Ambadi, AICP, LEED-AP
Senior Planner
, Planning and Development
Phone: 727-847-2411 Ext. 7979