Pasco Incentives

Pasco County's Job Creation Incentive Funding Program

Pasco County Board of County Commissioners adopted the Pasco County Job Creation Incentive Ordinance 10-8 to promote the attraction and expansion of target industries or businesses within Pasco County by providing cash payments directly to the Company. 

Primary targeted industries, whether new to Pasco County or expanding their existing company, may be eligible for incentive payments, when creating new full-time positions.

Prior to making a location decision or hiring new employees for expansion projects, please contact the Pasco Economic Development Council to fill out an application for the  Pasco County Job Creation Incentive.

Companies must meet one or both of the following industry classifications and meet the job creation requirement:

Qualified Target Industry: Businesses serving multi-state and/or international markets and that create new jobs at greater than the annual average wage of Pasco County.

Primary Target Industry is defined as: 

  • The employees are paid an average annual wage of at least 115% of the Pasco County average wage (as of 2019 the Pasco County average annual wage.
  • Must sell at least fifty-one percent (51%) of products or services outside of Pasco County

Job Creation Requirements: The project must result in a minimum of 10 new, full-time, jobs (W-2) in Pasco County within one year of the project completion. This award can be used in addition to any qualifying State program.

Mobility Fees

Mobility Fees were formerly known as "impact fees".

Did you know if you are a target industry, there are no Mobility Fees to pay the County when you locate or expand your business? Learn more about our Mobility Fees.

Completed applications along with supporting documentation must be submitted to Pasco Economic Development Council to qualify for these easy to get incentives.

Ready Sites and Shell Building Loan Program

Many developers have a tight timeline to get their business running, so even if they choose to come to Pasco, the process to develop the land might be longer than the business timeline permits.  For this reason, Pasco has entered into financing agreements with several private investors and developers, such as Harrod Properties and Land Investment Partners, to add more sites and shell buildings to our County in order to support growth at the speed of business. Check out some of our funded projects.

Learn more about Pasco County's Ready Sites Program and Spec Building Program.

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