Permitting Assistance

How do I.....

Are you a developer, homeowner, business owner, contractor or other professional engaged in a building project? Do you need to know who to talk to and when to talk to that person/group in regards to your project? Pasco's One Stop Center is a one-stop shop that ties together the facts, tools and resources that most customers will need to carry out a building project. You can now obtain information concerning building permit applications, development applications and issued building permits and their related inspections as well as schedule inspections via our Accela Citizens Access system.

How do I file a zoning application?

Zoning Applications are filed with Zoning & Site Development.

How do I file a site development application?

Site development applications are filed with Zoning & Site Development.

How do I file for a building permit application or view the status of a building permit?

Building applications are filed online with Accela Citizens Access or in person with Building Construction Services.

How do I schedule an inspection request or view the status of an inspection?

Schedule an inspection online or use our on-line inspection status and results system with Accela Citizens Access.

How do I get a listing of Contractors who are licensed to work in Pasco County?

A list of contractors who are licensed by Pasco County can be obtained by contacting Contractor Licensing at:

  • From West Pasco: (727) 847-8009
  • From East Pasco: (352) 521-4274 (x8009)
  • From Central Pasco: (813) 996-7341 (x8009)
  • Or online through Accela Citizens Access

How do I perform a records search to obtain information about Licensed Contractors, Building Permits, Zoning Petitions, or Site Development Projects?

You can perform a records search by using Accela Citizens Access or by calling our customer service center at 727-847-2411.

How do I perform a property records search by Parcel ID, Name, Recent Sales, Official Record Book/Page, Interactive Maps, or Physical Address?

You can perform a property records search using the Pasco County Property Appraiser's Record Search application.