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View: New FY 23 Rates,  take effect October 1, 2022.

View: UT21-0542 containing documents associated with the BOCC approved Resolution.

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How are the Rates Determined?

Water service rates are based on the real costs of treating and delivering water to customers. To determine rates, a study is completed to identify the costs the County has incurred for system improvements, maintenance, operations, administration and financing. Once the study is complete, a notice of a public hearing is published and a public hearing is held. After the hearing, the rates are adopted by resolution and put into effect.

What is the Increase for an Average Customer?

The average residential customer using 6,000 gallons of water would see an increase of $2.30 on their bill.

How is the Average Determined?

The average residential customer with a 5/8” meter uses 6,000 gallons per month. This figure is based on historical data for the yearly consumption of Pasco County Utility customers.

Why Have the Rates, Fees, & Charges Changed?

On August 24, 2021, work authorization was approved by the County Administrator to update the County’s Cost of Service Rate Study. Findings and recommendations outlined in the study include across-the-board adjustments, decreases and increases to all service rates, fees, and charges. 

A four-year rate schedule went into effect on October 1, 2021, with changes adopted from a Cost of Service Rate Study. Details in the Cost of Service Rate Study include projected annual adjustments to service rates, fees, and charges through September 30, 2025. An annual rate sufficiency analysis will be performed after each Fiscal Year (FY) to determine the need for any annual increases.

  1. How to Use the Calculator
  2. Water & Sewer FY 2022
  3. Reclaimed Water FY 2022

How to Use the Calculators

The Water & Sewer Estimating Calculator and the Reclaimed Water Estimating Calculator are resources designed to support Pasco County Utilities customers. The rates and fees included in the Water & Sewer calculations are specific to Pasco County residential customers, receiving potable water, with the standard 5/8 inch meter installed. The rates and fees included in the Reclaimed Water calculations are specific to Pasco County residential customers, receiving reclaimed water, for irrigation purposes. 

Estimates provided should not be used as a definitive billing statement and customers should continue to access their official billing statement to determine what should be paid each month.

This tool is intended to assist customers with their efforts to save money and conserve water.

Helpful Tips:

  • Pasco County Utilities bills in 1,000 gallon increments. Any gallons used below the 1,000 gallon threshold will be rounded down to zero.
  • Gallons noted on a customer bill will be representative of 1 unit billed = 1,000 gallons used. It is important to enter the number of gallons, not the units, when utilizing the calculator.
  • Examples:
    • 5 units on a bill would be entered as 5,000.
    • 5 gallons used would be entered as 5.
    • 5,000 gallons used would be entered as 5,000.

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