Future Land Use & Zoning

Comprehensive Land Use Plan

The comprehensive land use plan is composed of land use maps, policies and land use category descriptions. The goal of the comprehensive land use plan is to provide a general pattern for the location, distribution and character of future land uses within Pasco’s boundaries. 

Comprehensive Plan


A Zoning Ordinance is one of the oldest and most commonly used form of implementing land use guidelines. Today, zoning ordinances regulate land-use types, intensity of uses, building densities, parking and other land development related issues. The zoning is a legally binding regulatory tool that helps to make the comprehensive plan a reality.

Zoning Information

Zoning Districts

Using Our Interactive Map

You can enter a property address, owner name, or even the property identification number to search, as well as zoom and pan around the map until you find what you are looking for under the search tab.

To find out the zoning, hover your mouse over the icon along the bottom of the page which looks like a stack of papers, when the words "Layer List" appear, click the icon. A drop down menu will appear. Next, click the arrow next to "Land Use Planning" to expand that menu. When the map is zoomed into a small area, you will be able to select the box next to 'Zoning.'

At that point, you should see multiple colors and codes appear on the map, such as R4, AC, MPUD, C2, I1,etc. This delineates the zoning for that particular parcel. 

Match up the zoning category of your business site from the map and click on the link in the Pasco County's Land Development Code (LDC) Chapter 500. The LDC is set up in a manner that separates each of the zoning categories, and lists the permitted uses, conditional uses, special exceptions, and sometime prohibited uses.