Special Needs Program

Special Needs Assistance

Pasco County sponsors special needs units within American Red Cross public shelters. Special needs units are available for those individuals who require assistance with activities of daily living (ADL). Basic medical assistance and monitoring will be available. Special needs units are not equipped with advanced medical equipment, medications, or staffed to provide advanced medical care. If you need 24 hour skilled nursing care, a hospital bed or if you are electric dependent for life support, you are not a good candidate for special needs units.

All residents who are oxygen dependent must bring extra tanks, concentrators, nebulizers, and any other necessary equipment to the shelters. Dialysis patients must complete treatment immediately prior to departing for the Special Needs Unit. All residents must be accompanied by their caregiver. Volunteer medical staff will be unfamiliar with your medical condition and treatment.

If the volunteers do not report to the shelter, there will be no hands on care other than your caregiver and a Pasco County Health Department Manager (R.N.) to assist should an emergency arise.